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Our History


1973 marks the creation of the Brass Band of the Esch/Alzette Conservatory by the director of the Conservatory, Fred Harles.

The ensemble, which mainly has an educational vocation, is made up of graduates and students from the brass instrument and percussion classes. 

Since 1973, the Brass Band gave more than a thousand concerts throughout Europe, performing not only to a public, but also in notable Conservatories ranging from Brussels to Paris, over Cologne and Saarbrücken.

The band did many recordings for radio and television in their home country Luxembourg (RTL), but also in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland.

Amongst the artists who performed or did recordings with our band, you will find internationally renowned musicians such as Maurice André, Brett Baker, Bob Childs, David Childs, Marc Geujon, James Gourlay, Zoltan Kiss, Maurice Murphy, Selina Ott, Simone Ribello, Harmen Vanhoorne, James Watson, Stephen Devolder, Benny Wiame and many more.

Our band represented Luxembourg at the European Brass Band Championships on several occasions and won honorary titles such as “Winner of The Day” at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade.

After having lead the band for 35 years, Fred Harles entrusted the direction of the Brass band to Guy Conter, professor at the Conservatory. Since then, the band is a member in the "Union Grand-Duc Adolphe" and participated in the “Union Grand-Duc Adolphe” European competition in 2013 and performed at various events in Luxembourg and abroad.

In 2016, the baton once again changed hands and Claude Schlim, professor at the Conservatory, became the band’s conductor. These last few years have been significant for the brass band that changed considerably, focusing on regaining its place on the Luxembourg music scene. In order to reach a wider and more diversified public, the band took on unique projects like the opening show for the European Capital of Culture at the Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette in 2022.

2023 will be a special year for the band as it is the 50th anniversary of its creation. The year will be filled with one-of-a-kind concerts and events that you can all find on our calendar. Stay tuned for many more musical delights!


1988 EBBC Switzerland
1994 EBBC Switzerland 
1990 EBBC Scotland, 
1995 EBBC Luxembourg
1996 EBBC Norway
1997 EBBC Great Britain
1997 WMC Kerkrade (Winner of the day) 
2003 European Competition UGDA
2005 European Competition UGDA
2013 European Competition UGDA 

Maurice André, Max Asselborn, Colin Aspinall, Brett Baker, Jeannette Braun-Giampellegrini, Bob Childs, David Childs, Alexis Demailly, Timofei Dokshitser, Reinhold Friedrich, Marc Geujon, James Gourlay, Trevor Groom, Gordon Higginbottom, Philip Jones, Mariette Kemmer, Zoltan Kiss, Don Lusher, Jacques Mauger, Claude Maury, Paul Mootz, Maurice Murphy, Selina Ott, Jessica Quintus, Simone Ribello, Gilles Senon, Dino Tomba, Harmen Vanhoorne, James Watson, Benny Wiame, Albert Wieder, ...

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2016 -

Former members of the band

Ajdarpasic Dino – Altmann Paul – Asselborn Jos –  Asselborn Max – Asselborn Sam –  Barthel Jean-Pierre – Barthel Jos – Barthel Malou - Bausch Frank – Bausch Serge –   Bellardi Paul – Bernard Sam – Bley Ben - Bley Jean-Jacques – Bley Lucien – Botnaru Daniel - Botnaru Sebastian - Breden Lex – Breden Marc – Bremer Henri – Brendel Mike – Bintener Lynn –  Castro Uilson – Cattani Gilbert – Ceccotto Raymond – Clemens Jean  – Clement Laurent – Coner Jos – Conter Guy - Conter Raymond –  Cristina Johan – Crucitti Thomas –  David Lisa – de Bouw Rudy – Dele Francis – Desorbay Marc – Di Lorenzo Nello – Diderich Franck – Duschinger Claudine – Elgas Tom – Engel Nic –  Engel Niels –  Ernst Charlotte – Falchero Eric –  Falchero Jean – Falchero Victor – Falkenstein Jean – Fonck Theo - Fox Emile  – Frisch Jacques – Galassi Nathalie – Garcia Serge – Gatti Christian – Gerges Mike – Gilson Cedric – Goncalves Sily Jorge Miguel  – Greene Kathrin – Griesbaum Nico – Grimaz Romain – Hammes Erny – Harles Marc –  Hempel Manon – Hemmer Luc - Hentzig Serge – Heuschling Victor – Hilbert Henri – Jourdain Guy – Juchem Diane – Kasel Marco – Kaufmann Claude - Kerschen Romain – Kihn Jackie – Klein Guy – Kleren Tim – Kohnen Marco – Kosch Robert – Koster Nico – Krauser Nancy – Kringstad Knut – Krux Jean-Jacques – Krysatis Patrick – Kühn Marco – Kunnert Léon – Lang Claude – Lauer Lucien – Linster Guy – Ludewig Jean-Pierre – Mackel Pascal – Mander Jean-Paul – Marx Jean-Claude – Mendes Cacao Dani – Mertens Marco – Metz Patrick - Michel Patrick – Migliosi Angelo – Migliosi Daniel - Molitor Lucien – Molitor Françoise – Müller Marie-Paule – Neuberg Robert –  Neumann Philippe – Niesen Tun – Nogueira de Jesus Pedro – Offermann Tom – Oppermann Francis – Oppermann Gérard – Orazi Malou –  Pauly Romain – Pesch Eugène – Pettinger Carlo – Pierotti Flavio – Pleimelding Claude – Raths Jean-Paul – Reichling André – Reuter Fernand – Reuter Serge – Richelli René – Rohner Moritz - Rollinger Marcel – Roulling Roger –  Sagrillo Damien – Sanavia Patrick – Sand Joël – Sander Charles –  Saransig Sayla – Sax Nico – Schaeffer Marc – Schartz Philippe – Schenten Claude – Schiltz Philippe – Schintgen Alain –  Schmitt Albert – Schmitz Sybille –  Schmoetten Moritz – Schneider Heng – Schneider John – Scholtes Jos – Schott Nico – Schwarze Yves – Schwinninger Sandra – Simon Clemens Mariette - Simon Guy – Simon Véronique – Tex Kenji – Theis Guy – Thile Gilbert – Thines René – Thoss Jean-Marie – Turci Marco – Turco Roland – Wagner Raoul – Waintz Jeannot – Wampach Carlo – Warnier Nico – Warnier Laurent – Warnier Lena – Weber Bert – Weiland Claude – Weiland Tim – Weihnachter Martine – Weihnachter Michel – Weins Paul – Weyland Robert - Wilhelm Raoul – Wilmes Patrick – Wiltgen Georges – Wiltgen Paul – Wiltgen Roland – Winkel Marc – Wolff Jean-Claude – Waldelof Per – Zeimes Claude – Zenner Jean-Paul




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